Hola Y'all, Oh my goodness...... Steve called to tell me how amazingly beautiful ALL the furniture is and how talented your carvers are. He was sooo SO pleased!!! I think he talked more about the furniture than he did about the house. Then my son, Beau got on the phone to tell me the same and how much he LOVED his Iguana bed and every piece of furniture in the house! I understand from my guys that the dining table, big end chairs and side chairs are going to take my breath away when I see how beautiful......

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.... for making this beautiful furniture for us and for making my home special.

I didn't get any pictures yet :) and I will not be able to see any until my guys come home because we had one very important suitcase lost or stolen?? It had many important things for the house to set up computer... phone stuff (the one Tom recommended) router, handmade tiles from California for my mosaic artist to install, deadbolts, door knobs, bedding, gifts :( sooo many things.

So that means they have no service what so ever at the house. Bummer! Anywho... I am looking forward to the furniture photos you took. Probably best not to put too many on one page as I have been having trouble with emails that are too big. They sometimes go back to sender. So it is ok.... to send many emails with the pictures. However.... we didn't have any trouble the last time you sent pics.... :) Thanks!

Have a lovely day,


Testimonial about Fine Furniture of Sarchí
Thursday, 09 August 2012 02:14